Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Quilt - "Fictional Animal: Five-Legged Tambat #1"

I've been working hard lately on making new quilts, but haven't been getting them up on the web because mysterious camera problems are preventing me from taking good pictures of them.  I finally managed to get this shot, which does a pretty good job of showing the texture in this quilt, which you can of course purchase from me over on Etsy!
Fictional Animal: Five-Legged Tambat #1
"Fictional Animal: Five-Legged Tambat #1"
Title: Fictional Animal: Five-Legged Tambat #1
Materials: various natural-fiber fabrics, fabric paint, fabric pastel, decorative thread, colored pencil
Dimensions: 12" by 10"
Date: 2012

I chose the name "Tambat" for the animal in this quilt because I am in love with wombats and numbats and figured there should definitely be some sort of animal called a tambat. 
"Tambat" in green fabric pastel, with fabric paint block printed onto a mix of fabrics on the left and bottom edges
The tambat is drawn on a piece of a button down shirt I found at a thrift store, which has fine silver threads woven into it.  The background behind the tambat was painted using fabric paints thinned with an actual fabric paint thinner product, rather than just water.  I had read that this would produce better results than water alone, and I did find that the paint flowed beautifully on the fabric. 
Thinned fabric paint used for sky behind the animal.  The panel on the right hand side incorporates colored pencil on fabric combined with white fabric paint and embroidery.
I have a plan for a whole series of "fictional animal" quilts each featuring a different drawing of an impossible creature.


  1. This tambat guy is so cute! I could picture a few of these together like they were sheets of a superfantastical childrens' book.

    I love reading about your creation process!

  2. I really love the thought process not just for the visual aspects but also for the creature generation. <3


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