Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Quilt - "Welcome Complexities #2"

Welcome Complexities #2
"Welcome Complexities #2"

Title: Welcome Complexities #2
Materials: muslin, commercial cottons & other fabrics, inkjet printed fabric, chalk pastel, fabric paint, beads, crayon, oil paint sticks, permanent marker, sequins, heat transfer foil, iron-on sequins
Dimensions: 18.75" by 13.25"

Click on details below to view larger versions on Flickr. 

This quilt is from mid-2012, and it's my first big experiment with using oil paint sticks by rubbing the tip directly on the fabric surface.  After this successful trial, I am in love with them, and the complexity they add to a quilt.  It's like once you bring paint sticks into the picture, your quilt automatically acquires a whole new layer of age and wisdom! 

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