Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Meet the Supplies" #3: Surprise Sequins!

For the third post in my "Meet the Supplies" series, a surprise pile of sparkly bits provided by one of my coworkers!

She had acquired a ton of the little baggies of beads and sequins that arrive with fancy Chanel dresses in case the garments require any fixes or alterations once they get to the store, and asked me if I had any use for them.  Of course I said yes!

So many little baggies full of things just waiting to be sorted!
Anyone who knows me knows that I love to take piles of tiny sparkly objects and spend some quality time sorting and organizing them. Here's the exciting stash that emerged from the pile:

colorful pearls, strings of black sequins, and some weird sparkly yarn that looks like miniaturized tinsel.  That'll be fun to play with!
So many different kinds of sequins!
The best parts of this sparkly score are the little gear-shaped sequins and the totally unexpected pile of Swarovski crystals on the bottom right.


  1. Wow, those gear thingies ARE amazing. I also love those ones in the same photo that I originally thought were shirt stays. Amazing.

    1. It really makes me wonder what the dresses look like. The variety of baggies makes me think all these sequins are from about six different dress designs. Unfortunately there was no info to help me figure out which ones, except that they're by Chanel.


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