Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Quilt: "Pale Spaces Unexplored for Centuries"

Hand printed fabric (sort of!) The main blue and green textures in this quilt were made using hand carved foam stamps to apply ink from Sharpie markers to muslin.  Sharpie ink dries very quickly, so if you stamp multiple times after inking the stamp once, you get a series of appealing, increasingly ghostly images.  The animals on the upper left were drawn onto brown fabric using the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric, and the bottom half of the quilt features hand-made laminated sequins. 
Pale Spaces Unexplored for Centuries
"Pale Spaces Unexplored for Centuries"

Title: Pale Spaces Unexplored for Centuries
Materials: various found fabrics, muslin, ribbon, laminated images, Sharpie, fabric pen, embroidery floss, beads, yarn
Dimensions: 11.375" by 16.625"
Date: 2012

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  1. I love those guys. You make the best critters! And I love the way a sort of perfect sense comes together from all these opposing things.

    1. With this one I had to fight my normal desire to just keep adding stuff - this quilt turned out to be done before I was quite aware of it.


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