Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art All Night 2012 (post 1 of 3!)

I'm a little late getting to my posts about this year's Art All Night event, and what I'm posting will be basically just a whole mess of photos, but I would like to mention that as always the event was truly a wonderful thing to behold and the organizers are amazing!  Now, to the photos! There were something like 1100 artworks at Art All Night this year, and these three posts will feature a very small sampling of pieces that caught my eye.  Enjoy! 

Welcome to Art All Night!

AAN crowd shot02
Folks perusing the pieces on display in a small side room (live band just beyond the far panel!)

AAN 001 Miss by Michelle McClendon - Collage
"Miss" by Michelle McClendon, mixed media

AAN 002 Geo by Felipe Garcia-Huidobro - light box
"Geo" by Felipe Garcia-Huidobro, paper and light box

AAN crowd shot01
The crowd in the main room at around 10:30pm. This space was seriously huge!

AAN 003 True Love by Noelle Coughanour - acrylic
"True Love" by Noelle Coughanour, Acrylic

AAN 004 Tonight by Jeff Zets - collage
"Tonight" by Jeff Zets, Collage

AAN 005 April Showers by Erica Tamburo - glass & repurposed chain
"April Showers" by Erica Tamburo, Glass & repurposed chain

AAN 006 Jesus Fish by Sean McCarthy - oil
"Jesus Fish" by Sean McCarthy, Oil

AAN 007 Giraffe by Layla age 4 - paint
"Giraffe" by Layla - age 4, Paint

AAN 008 Untitled by Dawn Pogany - Acrylic
Untitled by Dawn Pogany, Acrylic

I hope you've enjoyed my taste of Art All Night so far - more art coming up in the next post!

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