Saturday, May 12, 2012

Art All Night 2012 (post 3 of 3!)

Here is the final installment of my photos, taken of people's artwork during Art All Night 2012.  I would welcome any comments if anyone has anything they'd like to say about the work, though of course since I am not the artist I can't actually answer any complex questions about these pieces!

First off, my work!  These were actually on display in the first room, so hopefully lots of people saw them before becoming totally exhausted.  Nobody bought them, though - oh well!

AAN 018 Fotographia by Jason Striner - photography
"Fotographia" by Jason Striner, Photography

AAN 019 Battling Bones by Brayden Mason Age 10 - pen & ink
"Battling Bones" by Brayden - Age 10, Pen & ink

AAN 020 Poet Dennis Brutus by Bob Ziller - print
"Poet Dennis Brutus" by Bob Ziller, Print

AAN 021 Jungle Fever by Coleen Rush - dyed silk & stitching
"Jungle Fever" by Coleen Rush, Dyed silk & stitching

AAN 021 Jungle Fever by Coleen Rush - dyed silk & stitching DETAIL
"Jungle Fever" by Coleen Rush, Detail

AAN 022 Gypsy Summer by Una Sincyr - wood wire & Fabric
"Gypsy Summer" by Una Sincyr, Wood, wire & fabric

AAN 022 Gypsy Summer by Una Sincyr - wood wire & Fabric DETAIL
"Gypsy Summer" by Una Sincyr, Detail

AAN 023 Old Bill by Anthony Purcell - acrylic on wood panel
"Old Bill" by Anthony Purcell, Acrylic on wood panel

AAN 024 Untitled by Jerome Schmeltz - mixed media
Untitled by Jerome Schmeltz, Mixed media

AAN 025 Untitled by Chloe Cummings Age 10 - crayon & marker
Untitled by Chloe - Age 10, Crayon & marker

AAN 026 Clown Interrogation by Brian Kaldorf - photography
"Clown Interrogation" by Brian Kaldorf, Photography

AAN 027 Wysteria by Milicent Nolan - mosaic glass
"Wysteria" by Milicent Nolan, Mosaic glass

AAN 028 Jerk by Kacyn Keys - felt on canvas
"Jerk" by Kacyn Keys, Felt on canvas

AAN 029 Spotted in the Deep by Kate Graves - ink and acid free paper
"Spotted in the Deep" by Kate Graves, Ink and acid free paper

AAN 030 Color Picker (Photoshop CS3) by Jim Rugg - ballpoint pen on notebook paper
"Color Picker (Photoshop CS3)" by Jim Rugg, Ballpoint pen on notebook paper (I thought this was one of the most clever pieces in the show! Exactly my kind of thing, especially the fact that the entire notebook is included in the piece)

AAN 031 Untitled by Jennifer Rogers - recycled materials
Untitled by Jennifer Rogers, Recycled materials

AAN 032 Kevin by Victoria Carr - mosaic on wood
"Kevin" by Victoria Carr, Mosaic on wood

AAN 033 I Love Lucy by Richard Boniker - etch-a-sketch
"I Love Lucy" by Richard Boniker, etch-a-sketch

AAN 034 Flying Gets Old by Nicole Adams - Digital
"Flying Gets Old" by Nicole Adams, Digital

AAN 035 Polyburgh by Thomas Soltis - Digital
"Ponyburgh" by Thomas Soltis, Digital - this year's Art All Night included a whole lot of My Little Pony themed artwork - this one was my favorite in that category!

Art All Night 2012 was fabulous, hope to see some of you there next year!

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