Thursday, May 2, 2013

Art All Night 2013 (post 1 of 3)!

I have just returned to New York after attending one of my absolutely favorite annual art events, Art All Night, which takes place for twenty two hours over the last weekend in April in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood.  I really cannot imagine a more fun, engaging and unpretentious way to celebrate art than Art All Night (you can read many more details about the event either on their website or in this post I wrote last year).

I took lots of photos at this year's event, and I'm just going to split them up into three posts and get them up for you to enjoy, in no particular order.  I hope you all get at least a tiny sense of how wonderful Art All Night is, and if anyone who reads the blog actually attended the event, I would love for you to comment and let me know what you thought of it!

*Note* I am including photos of some artwork that could be considered R-Rated, and so if you're not a fan of the occasional penis or other nudity-related themes, proceed with a little bit of caution! 

*Note #2* As always, forgive the poor quality of some of my photos!

AAN 2013 1 Morning View
This year I didn't take many photos of the actual crowd at Art All Night, but I did get a shot of what the gigantic Willow Street Development, where the work was displayed, looked like on Sunday morning.

AAN2013 Afrodisiac vs. Moby Dick by Jim Rugg - Ink on paper
"Afrodisiac vs. Moby Dick" by Jim Rugg, Ink on paper

AAN2013 Army of None by Cara Monigold Fabric
"Army of None" (front, back & detail shots) by Cara Monigold, Fabric

AAN2013 Awaken-Empire of Light by Amanda Jaskey Colored pencil & watercolor
"Awaken/Empire of Light" by Amanda Jaskey, Colored pencil & watercolor

AAN2013 B.A.R.D.I.S (Booze & Relative Drinks in Space) by Joseph Bookert Medium-Time
"B.A.R.D.I.S (Booze & Relative Drinks in Space)" by Joseph Bookert (the medium for this one was listed as "Time"!)

AAN2013 Baa baa Sheep by Lili age 5 oil pastel on paper mounted on foamcore
"Baa baa Sheep" by Lili, age 5, oil pastel on paper mounted on foamcore

AAN2013 Camp AIM's Masterpieces by Meena Wojtczak and campers of YMCA's Camp AIM - Artist trading cards
"Camp AIM's Masterpieces" (with detail) by Meena Wojtczak and the campers of YMCA's Camp AIM - Artist trading cards

AAN2013 Comfort by Reyghan Pierce - Mixed Media
"Comfort" by Reyghan Pierce,  Mixed Media

AAN2013 Dark Red Light by Gary Weiss Wood Metal Glass & Electricity
"Dark Red Light" by Gary Weiss, wood, metal, glass, & electricity

AAN2013 Deer Johns by Bonnie Gloris Oil on Wood
"Deer Johns" by Bonnie Gloris, Oil on Wood

AAN2013 Dick in Boots by Gillian Lerner Pen & Colored Pencil
"Dick in Boots" by Gillian Lerner, Pen & Colored Pencil

AAN2013 Dragonus by Bill Walter relief carved roof slate & enamel paint
"Dragonus" by Bill Walter, relief carved roof slate & enamel paint

AAN2013 Earth Sky by C. Noel Kennard Digital Art
"Earth Sky" by C. Noel Kennard, Digital Art

AAN2013 Eastern Star by Kate Bechak Gouache
"Eastern Star" by Kate Bechak, Gouache

AAN2013 Fictional Animals by Stella Belikiewicz inkjet print mounted on wood
"Fictional Animals," by.... ME!  I actually sold a couple of these little guys this year, and I think I've finally cracked the "selling stuff at Art All Night" code!

AAN2013 Giant Squid by Jenny Green Cotton Fabric
"Giant Squid" by Jenny Green, cotton fabric

AAN2013 Greenhouse by Arto Age 8 - Wood, poster paint, recycled fabric ball
"Greenhouse" by Arto, age 8, wood, poster paint, recycled fabric ball

AAN2013 Holly X 3 by Carmen Cerra Oil on Canvas
"Holly X 3" by Carmen Cerra, oil on canvas
AAN2013 JFKFC by Daniel Bolick - acrylic on canvas
"JFKFC" by Daniel Bolick, acrylic on canvas

AAN2013 Lawrenceville by Lynn Jacques Acrylic
"Lawrenceville" by Lynn Jacques, acrylic


  1. Beautiful pictures!! What a fun event.

    1. Thank you! Art All Night is definitely a magical experience!

    2. Thanks for posting these. I was exhausted after midnight and don't remember much of what I saw. Also, thanks for posting my drawing/painting; was thinking nobody saw it. -Amanda J.


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