Thursday, May 9, 2013

Art All Night 2013 (post 3 of 3)!

Here is the third installment of my series covering Pittsburgh's amazing annual art event, Art All Night.

Enjoy the final batch of artwork, and maybe I'll see some of you at Art All Night next year!

*Note* I am including photos of some artwork that could be considered R-Rated, and so if you're not a fan of the occasional penis or other nudity-related themes, proceed with a little bit of caution! 

*Note #2* As always, forgive the poor quality of some of my photos!

AAN2013 The Morbid Cycle of Robot Love by Tricia Chicka - Digital Sketch printed on paper
"The Morbid Cycle of Robot Love" by Tricia Chicka - Digital Sketch printed on paper

AAN2013 The Majestic Cleaning Lady by Aleksei Age 14 - Water based ink on cardboard
"The Majestic Cleaning Lady" by Aleksei, Age 14 - Water based ink on cardboard

AAN2013 The Joy of Painting by Christine Heiner Mixed Media
"The Joy of Painting" by Christine Heiner, Mixed Media

AAN2013 The House that Jack Built by Jay Ressler Composite photograph & Jaccquard Weaving
"The House that Jack Built" (with detail) by Jay Ressler, Composite Photograph & Jaccquard Weaving

AAN2013 Sweetheart by Maddalena McDonnell Oil on Canvas
"Sweetheart" by Maddalena McDonnell, Oil on Canvas

AAN2013 Stained Glass Display
Volunteers at Art All Night rigged up a fancy backlit display to show the stained glass pieces that were submitted.  My dad did the hanging, and his piece can be seen on the bottom level!

AAN2013 Spider, Spider by Jason Iwinsky Ironwork
"Spider, Spider" by Jason Iwinsky, Ironwork

AAN2013 Silvia by Abby Kemble Oil on Canvas
"Silvia" by Abby Kemble, Oil on Canvas

AAN2013 Silkscreen Table
There was a table set up so that visitors to Art All Night could try their hand at silkscreen!

AAN2013 Shawl from Doily Pattern by Gail Belikiewicz Lace knitting in Wool
Shawl from Antique Doily Pattern by Gail Belikiewicz, Lace knitting in Wool

AAN2013 Senior Yeti by Brian Plank - Collage
"Senior Yeti" by Brian Plank - Collage

AAN2013 Second Ladle by Rhiannon Scheidt Cast Iron
"Second Ladle" by Rhiannon Scheidt, Cast Iron

AAN2013 Sale e Pepe by Alexis Rzewski Mixed Media
"Sale e Pepe" by Alexis Rzewski, Mixed Media

AAN2013 Redux by Helen Wilson Macrame
"Redux" by Helen Wilson, Macrame

AAN2013 Quito by Dennis Stefan Mosaic tile on board
"Quito" by Dennis Stefan, Mosaic tile on board

AAN2013 Queen of the Road by Rachel Tribley Mixed Media
"Queen of the Road" by Rachel Tribley, Mixed Media

AAN2013 Pride by Marsha Moore Acrylic
"Pride" by Marsha Moore, Acrylic

AAN2013 Pittsburgh Suspended by Gina Tomsky Encaustic Oil Mixed Media
"Pittsburgh Suspended" by Gina Tomsky, Encaustic, Oil & Mixed Media

AAN2013 Paradigm Red Shift by Natiq Jalil - Ink, Post-it Notes, watercolor
"Paradigm Red Shift" by Natiq Jalil - Ink, Post-it Notes, watercolor

AAN2013 Papercuts ROYGBP by Lynn Lewandowski Paper
"Papercuts ROYGBP" by Lynn Lewandowski, Paper


  1. Its a treat to view your artwork :)

    1. Thank you! It was a blast seeing all of these fine folks' art!

  2. Hey nice! I'm a little late with this but thanks for featuring my work. :) I love AAN!


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