Monday, May 6, 2013

Art All Night 2013 (Post 2 of 3)!

Welcome back to this year's coverage of Pittsburgh's fabulous annual open participation art event, Art All Night!

Here are more of the photos I took, once again in no particular order.  Enjoy!

*Note* I am including photos of some artwork that could be considered R-Rated, and so if you're not a fan of the occasional penis or other nudity-related themes, proceed with a little bit of caution! 

*Note #2* As always, forgive the poor quality of some of my photos!

AAN2013 Lincoln by Rob Stinogle Acrylic
"Lincoln" by Rob Stinogle, Acrylic

AAN2013 Live Artist Demos part1
Live Painting Demonstrations went on throughout Art All Night!

AAN2013 Live Artist Demos part2
More Live Painting Demonstrations

AAN2013 Man in Definance by Dawn Pogany Mixed Media
"Man in Definance" [sic] by Dawn Pogany, Mixed Media

AAN2013 Marine Life by Nichole Musser Pen & Ink
"Marine Life" by Nichole Musser, Pen & Ink

AAN2013 Marion Page by Jim Phillips Acrylic
"Marion Page" by Jim Phillips, Acrylic

AAN2013 Mike Szymarek acrylic and india ink painting
Untitled Acrylic Painting with India Ink by Mike Szymarek

AAN2013 Minor Vocabulary by Christopher Fredrick - sculpture
"Minor Vocabulary" (two views) by Christopher Fredrick - sculpture

AAN2013 Missing in Action Figures by T. Wesley Snead Ink on Paper
"Missing in Action Figures," by T. Wesley Snead, Ink on Paper

AAN2013 Oh! Lydia by Desiree Resetar oil on canvas
"Oh! Lydia" by Desiree Resetar, oil on canvas

AAN2013 Papa Sid by Sonya Age 17 Ceramics
"Papa Sid" by Sonya, Age 17, Ceramics

AAN2013 Western PA, Oh What a Relief by Martha Ressler Contemporary Art Quilt
"Western PA, Oh What a Relief" (with detail) by Martha Ressler, Contemporary Art Quilt

AAN2013 Vampire Hunting Kit by Castle Spooktacular Mixed Media
"Vampire Hunting Kit" by Castle Spooktacular, Mixed Media

AAN2013 Untitled Pen Drawing by Sarah Hartung
Untitled Pen Drawing by Sarah Hartung

AAN2013 Untitled Ink Drawing by Michael Williams
Untitled Ink Drawing by Michael Williams

AAN2013 Untitled (H48BDSXOS) by Stan Sylvester Paper
"Untitled (H48BDSXOS)" by Stan Sylvester, Paper

AAN2013 Tyrants by Andrew Lotz Acrylic & pen on canvas
"Tyrants" (with detail) by Andrew Lotz, Acrylic & pen on canvas

AAN2013 Tree Tresses by Kira Yeversky Watercolor & colored pencil
"Tree Tresses" by Kira Yeversky, Watercolor & colored pencil

AAN2013 Tomatillos on Wood by Mark Neuherz Colored Pencil
"Tomatillos on Wood" by Mark Neuherz, Colored Pencil

AAN2013 The Real. by Charlie Riley - Textile
"The Real." by Charlie Riley - Textile

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